Tips for Dressing According to Body Shape

The survey shows that men also have problems in choosing the clothes to be worn. In fact there are different body shapes that are owned by men. Maybe this raises questions like, what form of body do you have? What kind of dress suits your body shape? Hopefully the articles dressed according to the touch of the man’s body that Mister gave can help you find the answer.
Body Shape with the Upper and Lower Side, but Contains in the Middle
For those of you who have a body like this, the best way to improve your appearance is, by combining faded or soft colors with bright colors. Remember to avoid contrasting colors on the clothes you will wear.

Body Shape With Slim Waist But Wide Shoulder

Wearing a medium-sized top will make you look more perfect. Skinny jeans also can be the right choice for you. But for those of you who have a short body you will look better when wearing shorts or pants above the knee. Combine contrasting colors on pants and tops to shift people’s gaze to your shoulders.

Fat body shape

For those of you who are fat and chubby cheeks, try using clothes that are soft, limp and a little loose. Don’t let the clothes be too tight for you and too long, because that will make you look short. Avoid using turtle-necked sweaters, clothes that overly cover your neck will give you the effect of looking like a bull.

Skinny Body Shape
To maximize your appearance try wearing slim-fit clothes. Remember you have to avoid oversized clothes because it will drown your slim body shape even it will make you look thinner.
Wide Body Shape and Sporty
The clothes that are suitable for you are medium, thin and rather tight clothing. This outfit will highlight the athletic side you have, choose slim-fit pants combined with tops that can highlight certain areas of your body, such as the chest and biceps. Remember to avoid spandex or other tight clothing.

Skinny and Tall Body Shape

You can combine clothes with contrasting colors and always use a belt that will help your appearance look proportional. Remember to avoid clothing that has vertical stripes and matching colors from top to bottom and don’t wear skinny jeans

More Rounded Stomach and Chest Body Forms
Choose a shirt or shirt that is right or as wide as your shoulder. Remember to avoid shirts or shirts that have a crowded pattern. Another thing you need to avoid is horizontal striped clothes and these wide-spread pants that will make your legs look wide.
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How to Dress Fat Men to Look Thin

Not all men have ideal bodies. Some are thin, thin, fat or fat. If you are a man whose body type is far from ideal, then there is no need to worry. The fashion style that you wear can help minimize the impression of the non-ideal body.
Clothes attached to your body function to give usi illusions ’to your body shape. So for those of you who are ignorant of ducks by dressing, you should start increasing your fashion sense a little so you can appear cool wherever you go.
Inspired by a friend who is a big body, Mas Kulin wrote about how to dress fat men to look thin. Even though it doesn’t immediately appear so tight, it’s pretty good to add to your daily confidence

How to Dress that Must Be Avoided by Fat People
Before entering the trick, you can first read some general things that you should avoid when choosing everyday clothes:
1. Avoid Using Oversized Clothes
If most thin people think using oversized clothes to look full is wrong, then the same thing happens to obese people. Maybe you think you can hide your body’s original shape with clothes that are too big. Unfortunately, this actually makes your body look bigger and more strange bro.

2. Avoid Using Clothing with Large Sizes
Not only the size of clothing that must be your concern. Graphic motifs on your clothes also need attention. The size of the Kamugo image or other large graphics on your clothes will give the ‘big’ impression to the wearer.

3. Avoid Exposing Too Many Body Parts
When you show a clearly visible part of the body such as the stomach, calf, and arms, the eyes of the person around you or your interlocutor will easily be directed to the open part. If that part keeps a lot of fat folds, then the impression of obesity will increase bro.

4. Avoid Using Complex Dress Styles
For example, you want to use three to four layers of clothes because it looks cool. Or, you mix many colors in your dress style. Not only does it create a tacky impression, thick or colorful clothing gives the impression of a larger body volume and makes people focus more on the head or other parts of your body (which are large). As a result, fat impression is even stronger.Read More

What Do UK eCommerce Executives Think?

Are you curious about what British online retailers think? What’s in the mind of UK eCommerce executives? How to find the best merchant account for your online business? Just read this article and you’ll know.

eCommerce in the UK: Best Merchant Account UK

Currently, the number of eCommerce users in the UK accounts for about 45.36 million. An additional 4.06 million users are anticipated to be shopping online by the year 2021. Four years from now, the total 49.42 million eCommerce users are expected to spend 2,251.82 USD (on average) online.

UK retailers are ready to face changes in the online world of eCommerce. Moreover, they o­ften play a leading role in adopting new techniques so to best meet the needs of modern shoppers.

With all this in mind, it’s critical to find the best merchant account for your online business. You can do this by turning to a payment expert in the UK. Just look for a reputable payment specialist that will help you get the best deal for merchant services. With the true professional in the field, you’ll be able to get free consultations, the best rates, fees, as well as the most honest snapshot of the company at the time of writing.

UK eCommerce Execs Views

This year, customer loyalty and retention, as well as mobile experience to meet consumer demand are of special importance. Let’s see what UK eCommerce executives think about the current state of the eCommerce.

Well, UK eCommerce retailers consider the mobile experience one of the two most important strategic initiatives. It has the potential to boost sales or profit. Consumers aren’t just busy browsing content on mobile. They’re purchasing as a result. So, it’s no wonder that in the 1st half of 2017, mobile spending tripled in the UK.

45{951aeeae36dec26ae7e98480a7672c7f8c031e0a22e6be25805913da32cf0d81} of eCommerce marketers in the UK think mobile commerce is critical to the future of their brand. 46{951aeeae36dec26ae7e98480a7672c7f8c031e0a22e6be25805913da32cf0d81} find it to be important. If you treat mobile the same as the desktop, you’re going to  lose money in the end.

When it comes to choosing the right marketing channel, 62{951aeeae36dec26ae7e98480a7672c7f8c031e0a22e6be25805913da32cf0d81} of UK respondents consider email marketing one of the three most successful channels in terms of their main choices. 51{951aeeae36dec26ae7e98480a7672c7f8c031e0a22e6be25805913da32cf0d81} prefer social media.

Retailers who have a solid bricks-and-mortar network are willing to take advantage of that network to fight some issues related to online shopping. 38{951aeeae36dec26ae7e98480a7672c7f8c031e0a22e6be25805913da32cf0d81} believe that a coordinated in-store and eCommerce strategy can potentially improve sales and profits.

Savvy retailers see success mainly in how they can gather, analyse, and act on data. The latter has to do with customer preferences.

What about external market conditions and things that you can’t control. Now, in the age of Brexit, UK respondents consider economic conditions the top concern in this regard.

Finally, 49{951aeeae36dec26ae7e98480a7672c7f8c031e0a22e6be25805913da32cf0d81} of UK respondents go with new payment options, including “one-click” choices, when it comes to innovation in eCommerce.

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