First Dates: What to Wear and Not Wear

Going on a first date can be nerve wracking. This is especially true if you’re a woman. Both men and women have a lot to lose if they wear the wrong thing, but women have more ways to mess up their outfit. Whether you’ve been on first dates or if this is your first one, you want to ensure you choose a getup that is pleasing to the eye.

The following are tips for choosing the best outfit for your first date.

Don’t Wear Cleavage-Bearing Tops

We get it, you have a nice rack, but does he really need to see it on the first date? Leave something to the imagination by covering that up in a classy style. If you show up to your date bearing your chest, then all he’s going to be thinking about is taking you home for the evening. On the other hand, if you want him to take you seriously, you need to show up more conservatively.

Don’t Wear Anything Fancy

This is a no-no, especially if the occasion doesn’t fit the attire. Find out where he’s taking you before you deck yourself out in a fancy dress. It would be pretty embarrassing wearing your favorite black gown on a date to a fast food joint. This will only make things a bit awkward for the both of you. He would likely feel ashamed that he took you to a lousy place when you were expecting a whole lot more.

Don’t Wear a Ton of Makeup

You want to impress the guy, but don’t try to do so by wearing every bit of makeup you own. For one, it looks like your desperate for attention. And two, it takes away from your real appearance. He may think you’re trying to hide your true looks, which could end up being horrifying. Wear something lightweight, so you can show off your natural beauty.

Do Wear Something Casual

What’s great about casual gear is that it can be worn just about anywhere. It’s also comfortable, which will make you feel more comfortable on your date. If you want to wear shorts and flip flops, then go for it. Simple is the best way to handle dates anyway. The rest is hard as it is!

Do Wear Comfortable Shoes

This is especially important if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking around. The last thing you need to worry about are sore feet. It will also ensure you get to spend all day with your new beau if the date starts to go very well.

Don’t Wear Anything Tight & Short

As you’re looking for clothes to wear, stay away from the gear you’d wear on a night out with the girls. You don’t want to come off as easy. And you don’t want to be uncomfortable. Wearing restrictive and revealing clothing is no girl’s idea of a fun time.

Whether you met your new date on or at the local grocery store, make sure you’re prepared for your first date. Keep these tips in mind when picking out an outfit!

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