4 Ways To Perfect The Art Of Color Matching In Your Clothes

When it comes to color matching in clothes, most of the time, you’d think it’s just what your art teacher taught you about colors in high school. But no, matching colors isn’t exactly the same with the colors you mixed in school.

It takes a great deal of good color knowledge and dexterity to match clothes without appearing like an oversaturated color scheme. To make it easy for you, we’d be sharing four ways that you can employ in perfecting the art of color matching in your clothes. Your wardrobe’s going to be thankful for this.

On ReviewsBird.com, you’d find some clients’ opinions on color matching clothes as well as other matching skills you should master to make the right choices. Listed below are four ways to perfect the art of color matching your clothes:


In matching your clothes, this is the first thing you should learn. Complement the colour! Though every color is whole in itself, it seeks other colors for that perfect finish. This is why you must learn to complement colors. How is this done? For very bright colors, we advise that you complement with a darker hue. Doing this tone down the brightness of the former color. That’s how it goes with complementing colors.

2.Go For Monochrome:

This yet another fantastic way to match colors in your clothes. Sometimes, people tend to wear different colors when monochrome would have been just perfect under the excuse of it being too monochromatic. Monochrome doesn’t mean you should wear just one color of outfit. Even the color black comes in different shades. Now, think about pairing the yellow of a ripe orange and that of a rising sun. Of course they’re both yellow, but they’re not exactly the same shade. That’s monochrome.

3.Go Neutral: 

One thing wardrobe enthusiasts do is getting different neutral outfits. Do you know why it is important? Neutral colors are hardly ever selective. That’s why you can wear your black sneakers with almost every outfit you own. Neutral colors range from white to black, olive, beige, tan and grey. Neutral colors blend well with sharp and dull colors alike. They are must-haves.

4.Let Your Colors Pop:

Wearing all bland colors is not an uncommon thing to find. It is quite understandable that some people love to wear clothes that are neutral in color. This isn’t always so great to see. How is matching done with this? It is quite easy. Let a color pop. This could be with your shoes or just a single item in your outfit. For example, a lady wears a very dull shade of brown top and a pair of trousers. To draw attention from eyes to the dull brown, a color has to pop. Wearing a bright red shoe will definitely give the brown outfit a greater and more stylish outlook.

Final Notes

The art of color matching clothes is no longer a skill that should be possessed by models and wardrobe designers. It is fast becoming a necessary skill in everyday life. No one wants to go out looking like a person from a strange planet. It’s high time you employed these effective yet easy steps in color matching your clothes. Step into some great fashion.