Factors to Consider When Buying Clothes for Concealed Carry

When buying concealed carry clothes, it is vital to choose clothes that are designed for concealed carry. You can buy several different types of clothing to make this process easier. These include oversized jackets, taller shirts, and patterns. In addition, there are some factors you need to be aware of, such as how well you can conceal the gun.

Larger Jackets

If you’re looking for a larger jacket for concealed carry, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, you need to find one that will keep your gun safe. Look for a large pocket to store your concealed weapon and a padded lining inside. It should also have multiple pockets and a detachable hood. The lining should be thick enough to protect your gun from the wind and rain. You should also look for a jacket with two internal pockets for carrying a firearm. This way, you will always have easy access to your firearm if needed.

Tall-Size Shirts

When buying the best clothes for concealed carry clothes, buying tall-size shirts can be a good idea. These shirts are longer in the sleeves and hem than standard-sized shirts, which makes them more concealable. In addition, tall-size shirts also help you stay hidden when standing, sitting, or bending over. Tall-size shirts are also more comfortable than regular-size ones. If you are tall, you’ll need long arms. Tall-size dress shirts have an arm’s length, one-half inch longer than standard-sized shirts. These shirts will make it easy for you to draw and conceal your firearm easily.


If you’re thinking about concealing your firearm, you must consider the clothes you wear when carrying it. Having the right clothing can make you feel safer and more responsible while carrying your gun. There are a few different types of clothes you can buy.  When buying clothing for concealed carry, you’ll want to choose natural fibers. These materials are comfortable and provide excellent concealment. Also, natural fibers last longer than synthetic fibers. 

Strong-Hand Sweep

If you carry a concealed weapon on your right side, consider clothes that are easy to sweep over the weapon. A bomber jacket or hoodie can be easily pulled over the gun. However, a longer jacket with a longer hem makes the draw harder. In addition, parka jackets and 3/4-length jackets complicate the draw. Fortunately, some jackets with a zipper under the placket allow quick opening. Consider your style and size. Oversized shirts may look comfortable, but they can catch the gun in their fabric and make it less visible. For deeper concealment, you might prefer a lightweight shirt with an undershirt. The undershirt should also be lightweight since heavy material can ruin the gun’s finish when it gets wet from sweat.


When buying concealed carry clothes, women need to consider safety first. While the industry has traditionally been male-dominated, a growing number of brands are producing clothing for women, specifically geared toward concealed carry. Many of these items include a holster built into the clothing. Some are bra-style holsters designed to be worn under regular clothing, while others are made for athleisure use. The type of concealed carry gun you will carry will also affect the clothing you buy. Some guns require more creativity in the wardrobe department, while others are suited for more conservative clothing. The best way to choose concealed carry clothes is to determine how often you will carry them and your goals.