Guide to Successfully Starting a Clothing Business

The clothing business has never been quiet even though its sales are currently shifting to online. What are the guidelines for starting a successful clothing business? The clothing business has not been quiet even though its sales are currently shifting to online sales. It takes powerful tips and strategies to be able to penetrate the fashion market with enough players. However, the opportunity is always there. What are the guidelines for starting a successful clothing business?

Clothing Business

Do a Market Study

Fumbling about what products are not yet on the market. Carrying out a study is to find out what clothing trends are currently going on. The method of carrying out the study can be online, on Google or Instagram. You can also do small studies, make online questionnaires for young people, or ask questions directly with various groups.

Decide on the product you want to sell

Ensuring the products to be sold means optimizing product knowledge in our minds. It is necessary to know the details of the object being sold. What are the advantages of the product, so that later it can be communicated to the buyer. Do we want to sell new products or thrift (use leftovers).

What new things are you looking for and affordable? If it’s a secondhand thing, what are you looking for a lot?

Different from fashion products

which is still new, the thrift shop business emphasizes quality, special characteristics, authentic and unique. Product specificity can target a specific market as well. Not only prioritizing use over design, it is very important to remember, it is definitely easier to sell things that we also like. Some of the distinctive characteristics of fashion products are:

The trend change is lightning.

Changing trends must be addressed. Stocks that accumulate and are not trendy will usually be marketed at a discount or bundling system.

The repeat order is small.

The rate of repeat purchase of fashion products is small. People who have bought one product don’t often want to buy a product with the same design twice.

Determine the Market You Want to Target

When mapping to understand the market, we must always believe that the market will always exist, even if it is small. This mapping means for pricing, ensuring prices. Which market do we want to reach? Middle class to elementary or above, gender, what age or which group.

Not only mapping and pricing, it is also mandatory to monitor frequently, especially competitors in the next store with the same sales. Especially selling online, playing around with a little price comparison that is often tried by traders and has a big impact on turnover.

Adjust Modal

Many of those who have been in the fashion business started out as dropshippers because of limited capital. After that,

must be good at finding a quality supplier. On the other hand, to become a reseller, you can look for suppliers in the marketplace. Creating a supplier that is close to where we live is also better. Google maps can be used to find the nearest reseller, by relying on the familiarity of the position from where we are so that we squeeze the transportation costs. Looking for a trusted partner is very important and is the first hand to be able to push the selling price.

The experience of those who sell as resellers, after becoming a producer of their own brand, does not only market their own brand but also becomes a reseller for other brands. It’s a side business. For example, a fashion businessman for screen printing t-shirts. Not only do they have their own t-shirt brand, they also accept orders for screen printing t-shirts.

For resellers looking for imported goods, the majority of products sold in Indonesian e-commerce come from China. Although we don’t directly look for suppliers in China, we can search online, for example on the Alibaba website or 1688, both of which are owned by Jack Ma.

Promotion and Marketing

Not only conventional sales, now the online market is wide open. Having a good and trusted account name with product descriptions or details such as images or typical product titles, descriptions of the shape and use of products and stocks that are constantly updating, can increase tourist traffic to online stores.

Other media, not only e-commerce, are marketplaces on social media. 3 social media with marketplace

The known ones are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Not only showing products, we can also use this media as an advertisement. Ads can also be launched in Google’s front garden.

Create Your Own Brand

If the first is a guide to starting a clothing business from someone else’s brand, after enough capital we can increase the fashion business to our own brand. All returned to their respective passions.

The first step, to produce a brand, we can work with convection. This early period is a test of market share. Passion is needed if we want to design, sew or produce our own.

The second step, we hire people to produce the brand, so we no longer work with other convection. The initial collection is an early product image that was launched. Product design should be cost-effective, and of course, we ourselves will be happy to use it in the future.

Find the Right Raw Material Supplier

To develop your own fashion product, the raw material partner is quite important. Not only to explore design tastes, but also to explore market trends. That means remember, don’t be a cheap supplier, but look for one that provides the best service. One of the tricks that can be applied for hunting raw materials is to buy cloth at a store that is located near a textile factory.

Have the Right Promotion Strategy

There are several concepts that must be prepared carefully, namely the brand name, logo, and market profile. Slogan means for promotion. Customers love brands with interesting stories. This work must be completed during the manufacturing process. With this method you are ready to sell your item as soon as it is made.

Often look at fashion trends. For women’s clothing trends in 2021, for example, including clothes in the form of vests, knitwear, balloon sleeve shirts, cardigans, tie dyes, lilac or monochrome colors, white culottes, oversized shirts, etc.

Set Realistic Sales and Distribution Goals.

Don’t worry about partnering with other reliable businesses. Those who understand fashion do not necessarily understand about distribution. Carry out planning and auditing, try a different sales approach, and never give up.

Use the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bounded).

In particular, the sales target must have a definite bottom line and not float.

Measurable, mandatory targets can be measured.

Attainable, when determining sales goals, you must believe that you can achieve them.

Realistically, goals are possible to achieve based on the expertise, resources, and time available.

Time Bounded, sales targets must have a time limit.

Share the Best Service

The buyer is king. The majority of customers will return to shop at the same store because they are satisfied with the service at the store. Not a very meaningful initial purchase, but also a second purchase, so that they come back again and again. Keep in mind, discounts are not always the main choice for people when shopping, but the service they have is something they really want to remember.

To help trading businesses, online cashier application has now appeared. Those of you who want to start your own clothing business can use this application to record online trade transactions, simplify various payment methods and receive our sales analysis.