Men’s Appearance Tips for Successful Job Interviews

Looking neatly on the first day of a job interview is an obligation for everyone, both men and women. The day of the interview became the interviewer’s first impression to find out what kind of person you are. Although of course, the quality in us is more important, the first impression is also important because it is the first thing that is judged by you.

Not only women, but an appearance in men is also equally important. The most important key to job interview performance standards is tidiness and politeness. No matter how cool or cool your style, neatness and politeness are the no. 1. Because with a neat and polite appearance you will look much more serious about the job you are applying for.

Then, actually how to look right and best for successful job interviews? Here are the tips!

Color and style on clothes

Are you aware that the color of the clothes you wear gives a different impression of yourself? Choose a color that suits your style. Avoid using jeans/denim whatever the job you are applying for, even though in the creative field. Remember! Because your first impression is the most important, even if the company allows you to wear casual clothes, in the first interview you must still look a little more formal. For men, try to choose the color of clothing that is dark to be more manly and dignified. Here are the colors and the meaning behind the colors that are suitable and recommended for job interviews for men:

Blue / Navy Blue: This is the safest color to wear when on a job interview. This color shows confidence, serious and trustworthiness.

Gray: Although gray is famous as a color that is not pleasant for some people, it turns out that gray has a meaning that is good for use during interviews. Gray has the meaning of an individual color which means you can think for yourself / independently and take the initiative. You can also think logically and have a good analysis.

White: This color is one of the safest colors. White gives the impression that you are a well-organized person.

Chocolate: You are a person who can be counted on.

Red: Gives the impression of power, energy, and courage.

Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple: You are a creative person.

Neat & Courteous

Here it is the most important. To make it look neat, try combing your hair so it doesn’t fall apart because of the wind or the helmet you might have used. Put the rest of your clothes in your pants so they don’t look disheveled. Make sure your socks also don’t look loose or yellowish in color. Finally, try to appear fragrant. The right fragrance can be smelled when people are near you, not to overdo your perfume until people from a distance can smell it.


Besides being neat and polite, you also have to pay attention to your cleanliness. Starting with the smallest thing, consider your nails, are your nails clean? Likewise with your shirt whether there are spots or stains? Pay attention to the little things about yourself because it is very influential on your appearance. Especially for men, your fingernails don’t look long if you want a manly and dignified appearance