Reasons Why Your Clothing Store Website Is Not Working

Setting up a clothing business and bringing customers is not an easy task. You have to do market research, make business plans, provide discounts, and all other things to run your business correctly. If you head over the Collected.Reviews website, you will find that successful online businesses make their websites perfect for their customers. But if your online clothing website of all things gives the “website not working” error. Here are some of the reasons for this error.

Domain Name Mismanagement

The domain is the name of your website that customers enter in their web browser to visit your online store. Your website will no longer open on the phones/laptops of your customers if your domain name has expired. In case you know that your name is not expired, some configuration error in your domain settings might also be the reason for your website getting down. So keep an eye on your domain name and never let it expire.

Bugs In Your Code

Coding lets you build your clothing business website and maintains its integrity. In case there is some error in your website code, your website is going to load. These bugs can be either in your hosting server OS or in the CMS. All of the shopping website reviews reveal that customers only trust those websites that are active and run properly. So, to get your website working once again, get instant help from a trusted web developer.

Errors In The Server

The server is the place where your website lies on the internet (roughly speaking). Both the hardware (errors in your server PC) and software errors in your server can make your website down for the customers. Common hardware errors in your server PC are the breakage of processors or storage devices. At the same time, common software errors in your server are incompatible or corrupted OS. Both of these errors are difficult to handle for novices. Your best choice is to contact a reputable data center as soon as possible.

Hacking Attempts

Sometimes it’s easier for you and the customer to find unauthorized access or hacking attempt on your website. For example, if hackers leave a certain message on your website, it’s obvious that your website has been hacked. However, in other cases, you might not even know that attackers have injected harmful code in your website that is collecting the visitors’ data on the website. The easy way to secure yourself from hacking attempts is by using strong passwords and installing only reputable plugins. Contact an ethical hacker in case hackers have hacked your website.


There can be more factors than the ones mentioned above that can become the reason for downtime on your website. If you want to build a successful online clothing business, hiring professionals or contracting a web agency for your website needs are the only options.

Don’t risk your website’s security and take preventive measures to save your website from any hacking attempts.