The Consequences of Improperly Fitting Underwear

When it comes to wearing articles of clothing that are properly fitted, underwear is the most important category for which to make sure this is the case. For starters, underwear is the first layer of clothing that you put on. It stands between your skin and other articles of clothing. Importantly, it’s a type of clothing that is meant to be perfectly fitted to your measurements and rest flush against your skin. If your underwear doesn’t fit you perfectly, many problems can arise.

Fitted Bras

Lulalu creates fitted bras using the measurements of each individual person in order to make sure that they fit the people who ordered them perfectly. This is the exact opposite of what companies that mass-produce bras are known for. They simply produce large quantities of bras using the same measurements every time because it saves them time and money. However, this doesn’t lead to a perfect, comfortable fit for their customers.

Buying mass-produced, ill-fitting bras can be a real issue for people. This is because wearing ill-fitting bras can have several negative consequences. If a person wears a bra that’s too small, for example, it can cause pain by unduly squeezing their breasts. This can create an awkward, stuffed look in the chest area. It can also cause long-lasting indentations in the affected person’s body. Similar to the effect of a corset on the shape of a human body, wearing bras that are too small for extended periods of time could cause a person’s body to take an unordinary shape and become deformed. Therefore, more than just being an annoyance or nuisance, such an ill-fitting bra could cause lasting damage to a person.

On the other hand, wearing an overly large bra is an equally concerning issue. After all, imagine what a nuisance constantly having to re-adjust your bra strap, which would likely keep sliding down your arm every time you moved, would be. Additionally, the chafing that can occur due to such a bra can cause broken skin and, if severe enough, bleeding in your breast area.

Ill-fitting Panties

Wearing panties that don’t properly fit you is equally troublesome. People who wear panties that are too tight on them can also run into the issue of them permanently deforming the shape of their bodies over time. On the other hand, wearing panties that are too large is a nuisance because it can require frequent re-adjustments of your panties throughout the day.