What Are the Differences Between US and UK’s Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday is an exciting tradition that is celebrated across six continents. Right after the Thanksgiving Day celebration that is peculiar to the United States, it is a day when shoppers troop out in their numbers to various shopping outlets awaiting the opening of stores to offer highly demanded items of the year at really nice discounted prices. The Day has become a global phenomenon, but there are slight differences in how it is celebrated in different parts of the world. In this article, we will compare Black Friday in the UK to Black Friday in the USA. You can also read online Reviews to find out more about Black Friday in other parts of the world. Various parts of the world.

What’s The Difference Between Black Friday in The UK and Black Friday in The US?

Here are some differences in how the shopping-oriented day/season is held in two major countries of the world.

Black Friday has been in the USA for a long period, it was however introduced in the UK in 2010, hence the first difference is how long the tradition has lasted. The Americans have had it for a very long time going as far back as 1996, when it was known as the post-thanksgiving sale because it occurred the day after Thanksgiving. However, it earned the name Black Friday because of the shopping violence exhibited by shoppers as they rush in to grab items for discounted prices. No violence has been recorded in association with the Day in the UK, and the level of excitement about the day is not as high as the US.

The Americans are more familiar with the concept of the day, while it might sometimes appear that the Brits could care less about it. While the Americans troop in their numbers to get items at slashed prices, to a lot of Brits, it’s just like every other day. The Americans have even adapted to the online aspect of the shopping- day, giving birth to Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Black Friday when online stores like are overwhelmed with orders for products like homeware, clothing like ASOS trousers, technological products like phones, laptops and other devices, etc.

If there’s anything the Brits have over the Americans, it’s orderliness. Where the Americans will go crazy, running around stores, shoving other shoppers out of the way, and even fighting over certain items, the Brits simply do what they do best, which is to stand in neatly organized queues and await their turn to purchase. They don’t go into a shopping craze as the Americans do. Furthermore, there’s barely any crowd in the UK stores as they go about their shopping the usual way. Americans on the other hand try to maximize the Black Friday to get most of their shopping done, hence the massive crowd of shoppers at storefronts.

Which would you prefer? An American Black Friday experience or a British Black Friday experience?